i carried a watermelon

"I have my mother’s mouth and my father’s eyes; on my face they are
still together."

— Warsan Shire (via ohdreaming)


Sasha Pivovarova by Daniel Jackson, Vogue UK July 2014


Plank Piece, 1973Charles Ray
“Ray was part of a wave of artists during the 1970s who addressed sculpture as an activity rather than as an object. In the iconic two-part photographic work Plank Piece the artist documents the use of his own body as the sculptural component. The static photograph belies the performative nature of the activity presented. Contrived through a complex balance between weight and gravity the artist suspended his body using only a plank of wood, creating a minimal, graphic image that is at once humorous and unsettling.”


Nom de plume

American Beauty

The title of the film refers to a breed of roses that while pretty and appealing in appearance, is often prone to rot underneath at the roots and branches of the plant. Thus, the tagline “…look closer” tells the viewer that when they look beyond the “perfect suburban life” they will find something rancid at the root.

marathoning lotr is always great

"Grab the Monet and let’s Gogh"

— Art thieves in a bank robbery (via honeysucculents)


масквачи и завидующие гости станицы июль2011 169 by Вrаinriрреr on Flickr.


what if our use of emojis gradually becomes so extensive that we actually circle back to writing in hieroglyphics


The goal is to b partying w accomplished academics in maybe India or Morocco